CBD For Dogs? The important thing to know before giving your dog CBD.

Is CBD For Dogs?

You might have heard a few things about CBD for dogs. Good dog owners do a little research before we give our furry friends something new and we’ve combined what every dog owner should know about CBD for dogs.

Can CBD for Dogs be harmful?

cbd for dogs with painHere’s the great news: CBD is non-toxic.

But dogs can be very sensitive to cannabinoids, so it’s best to start with a low dose, and slowly increase it.

Here’s the other funny thing about CBD; it has what’s called a biphasic dose response. The simple way to explain it is “taking more CBD doesn’t make it work better”. Think of it this way; aspirin doesn’t work like CBD. The more aspirin you take, the more relief you feel.  Take one for a little pain, take two for more pain.

With CBD the perfect dose might be one and a half pills. At that dose, you get the full effect. If you took two pills it might actually feel less effective than the one and a half pills.

Find a Good Quality CBD Oil Liquid for Dogs

Benefits of CBD for DogsA good benefit of CBD for dogs in a quality tincture is the ability to dose in drops. This is particularly important with small dogs that require a small dose of CBD.

And sometimes treat makers spray a CBD liquid on the treats after they are produced. This can cause irregularities in how much CBD is actually in each treat.

Most CBD oils for dogs are mixed with an oil like MCT which is a great choice even for dogs with the most sensitive stomachs. Drops also give you the chance to add the CBD to picky eaters favorite foods.


Hemp is a great reclamation plant. That means it pulls heavy metals from the soil it grows in. Wonderful if you’re trying to clean up some land, but this is why all hemp CBD products need to be tested.

When looking for the best cbd for dogs, make sure you can view the actual test result from the batch of hemp oil your product was made with. These are often called Certificates of Analysis or COA and are often displayed online for your review.

You’ll want to make sure they test for heavy metals like lead, residual solvents, yeasts, molds, and coliforms.

The COA should also tell you exactly how much CBD is in the bottle and each dose.

Does CBD Actually Work for Dogs?

cbd dog oilThere are many things that people are treating their dogs with CBD. We’ve heard stories of it helping dramatically with seizures. Older dogs with painful hips from hip dysplasia can sometimes get some dramatic relief. CBD has been shown to help with inflammation so any issue related to that it’s worth trying CBD for. CBD for Dogs with Anxiety has also been a widely reported use.

Our favorite CBD for Dogs is Receptra Naturals Pet. They have test results right on the website, and they make a really quality product that we give our dogs daily.

6 thoughts on “CBD For Dogs? The important thing to know before giving your dog CBD.

    1. Thanks Mary! As you know Receptra is one of my favorite CBD products for humans and for pets!

  1. It worked amazingly for our 11-year-old yellow lab. I just wish we would have found it a couple years ago… she could have used it 🙁

    btw – I’m using the same product you mentioned.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Don’t feel bad about not knowing about CBD! Everybody has to learn about it at some point!
      Thanks for reading.

  2. I’m not using the brand of CBD you mention, but I think it’s made a huge difference in our dogs. We’re breeders and show professionally and now think of CBD as important as the food we feed our dogs.

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