3 Things You Must Know Before Buying Hemp CBD Oil Extracts

It’s not hard to find both scientific data and personal testimonials on the benefits of cannabidiol. We hear so many wonderful stories each day on how hemp extracts have helped people that had given up hope.

But it’s important to know the downside of purchasing hemp extracts.

CBD Oil Industrial Hemp
Don’t buy CBD made with “Industrial Hemp”! That’s the type of hemp grown for rope, not CBD Oil!


The hemp plant is well documented as a powerful remediation crop. With its deep roots, hemp pulls heavy metals from the ground it’s grown in. Even hemp grown using organic practices will pull cadmium from the soil.

For this reason, you should NEVER buy CBD products that don’t display test results on their website. Don’t just assume because CBD companies use words like “Tested” and “Trusted” that they are doing complete tests on their products.

View the tests yourself and ask the company if you have any questions. Here are the type of tests you should see results for:

Heavy metals
Molds, yeasts, and coliforms
Residual solvents

Look for our full article on how to read a CBD products Certificate of Analysis soon!


cbd oil bottlesThe price range for CBD products is all over the board. Some shady sites offer “free” CBD oil for $15 shipping and handling. Other companies sell bottles that exceed $1,000.

It’s easy to get scammed by all the questionable CBD companies that are popping up. Here’s a guaranteed way to make sure you are getting a deal.

To find out the value of a CBD product do this quick calculation:

Total Price of Product / Total Number of Milligrams CBD

For example, a bottle with 250 milligrams of CBD that sold for $59 would be $59/250 = $0.236 or about 24 cents per milligram.

Another product selling for $199 with 3000 milligrams would be $199/3000 = $0.066 or about 7 cents per milligram.

This simple math will make sure you get a good deal!


I’ve been using CBD for over four years now. I’ve tried nearly 154 types of CBD. I’ve read articles and talked with company CEOs about their products.

After all this research I’ve picked what I believe is a CBD company that is doing everything right.

That company is Receptra Naturals.

They grow their own hemp on 100% family farms in Colorado. Their testing is the most transparent in the industry and their test results are remarkable.

And their prices are some of the most competitive out there.

I’ve personally spoken with the CEO and believe in their vision to help.

If you’re ready to try CBD products, There are three products I recommend.

If you are looking for hemp extract because of a health crisis or chronic condition, I suggest starting with their Receptra Prime. You can get a small bottle for as little as $39.95 but when you repurchase buy the bigger bottles because the price per milligram goes down as bottle size goes up.

If you are looking for hemp extract to enhance your physical performance, Receptra is your perfect choice. Start with the Receptra Elite. They have a cheaper product called Receptra Active, but go for the Elite. Receptra Elite includes turmeric as well as hemp extract. The Elite starts at $74.95 and comes in at only $0.07 per milligram including the turmeric!

The last Receptra product I would recommend to everyone is their Targeted Topical. This is a really special product. Packed with 400 milligrams of cannabinoids per ounce it’s the strongest topical I have found. If you ever have sore hands, feet, neck or knees get this product. It’s a steal at $39.95. Buy two!

Of course, all Receptra Naturals products are tested and the results for all of their pure CBD oil products are shown on the website.

Any questions or comments please ask them below! I try to respond to everyone!

3 thoughts on “3 Things You Must Know Before Buying Hemp CBD Oil Extracts

  1. Wow. Hemp pulls lead from the soil, that’s something I didn’t know! Thanks!

    1. Yes, I even saw a story recently where farmers in Italy were fighting soil contamination with cannabis! Incredible!

  2. But you should never grow hemp in contaminated soil if you are planning on using it for a product you are going to consume.

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